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Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to everyone who has visited the TasView website!
I hope you’ve found it helpful in some way. I really should write updates more often as I’m sure you find my insights riveting, but life, fun and flying get in the way 🙂
To celebrate 80,000 page visits I’ve thrown some funds to WordPress mainly to get rid of the ever increasing intrusive advertising!
DJI_0379 FloraFalls2

In June this year I “purchased” a DJI Mavic Air, added a page for it under the Aircraft section as well as posting a few short videos and photos. I’ve now done 51 flights with almost 11 hours flight time and not a single issue – apart from a signal drop out while filming these falls but after a few skipped heart beats it came back without incident.  Average flight time is 15 minutes, with a maximum for me of 17 minutes. I’ve gained confidence and trust in this craft resulting in more “risky”( but not illegal or unsafe) flights like the image taken above. I’m also finding it easier and safer in many instances to carefully hand catch (avoiding the sensors) rather than land, mainly due to the terrain I fly in. I’m still experimenting with camera settings, getting the best exposure with the filters and video editing, of which I’ve done little of late as I’m working toward a bigger project!
For more information on this pocket platform including my Pre-flight checklist and full settings, visit the Mavic Air Page.

A firmware upgrade .500 was released recently for the Air. It showed up in the app when I went to go for a quick flight yesterday, even though I’d only updated everything about a week ago after the launch of the Mavic2 series. I dismissed it and flew with no problems, but on getting home (to my WiFi), the update message failed to show in the DJI Go4 app again after reconnecting several times, so I updated today through the DJI Assistant 2 on my PC. The assistant will also let you roll back to v.400.
It’s raining and windy today so I haven’t yet tested but other pilots on the MavicPilots.com forum report no issues. One thing of note, upgrading reset’s most of the crafts settings so make a note of yours beforehand or you can use mine as a guide.

On another note:

Proposed Part 101 Drones Manual of Standards

CASA are seeking public feedback on new draft rules for commercial or professional drone operations. Visit the Consultation Hub to provide your feedback by 18 November 2018.
It’s mostly about streamlining and setting consistent standards for RePL training, controlling RPA below 400 ft in controlled airspace, new extended visual line of sight (EVLOS) operations and record keeping and notification requirements.
I’ve read through the Draft Part 101 Manual of Standards (MOS) and if you ‘fly for fun’, or in the sub 2kg class, all the essential/fundamental drone rules remain the same. A small section of the proposed new rules – clarifying the requirements to operate in controlled and non-controlled airspace – may affect some recreational users.

As always, safe and happy flying!

F500, RX100, G40 wiring

I’ve drawn a complete wiring diagram of my new Tricopter. You can access an easier to read PDF version HERE. Hopefully the diagram above might help someone out using similar components but I also did it for my own reference.

The F550 Y6 Tricopter rebuild with Sony RX100 III and G40 gimbal has been moved to a new seperate page HERE.
Further details about the diagram above can be found on the new page.

F550 Y6 Tricopter conversion

03 F550 Y6 Tricopter

Over the last week, I’ve been converting my F550 Hex into a Y6 Tricopter!
It’s coming together nicely with some wiring to be completed before getting airbourne with a Sony RX100M3 controlled remotely by a gentles GentWIRE-MULIT mounted on a G40 gimbal – which I plan to modify and lighten down the track. I’ve used lighter Aimdroix extended aluminium arms and have some 1145 (11 inch) props on the way.

Further details and photos can be found on the updated F550 page.

Aerial highlights around Hobart

Some amazing scenery above Hobart, the Derwent Estuary and kunanyi – Mt Wellington from the F550 with iLook.
Highlights from flights 30-60.

Flights include:
Peirsons Point – Bruny Island
Queens Domain
Montagu Bay
Chimney Pot Hill
Montrose Bay – MONA
Huntingfield – Northwest Bay
Carlton Rivermouth
Blackman’s Bay
Hobart Cenotaph (with respect, Lest We Forget.)

Photos from the F550

The F550 is flying great! Getting more adventurous as I gain more confidence in the craft – and myself. It’s a pleasure to fly and we’ve had some lovely weather windows providing oportunity to get creative. Can’t wait to get a better camera and gimbal on the hexacopter. Leaning towards the Gopro4 Black because of weight and price, also considering the Sony RX100 III for better  image quality for post proccessing. These are edited stills from the iLook+, you work with what you have 🙂

Dru Point, Mike’s Phantom V2 Vision+ from the F550
Mt Wellington, over the edge.
Hobart Sunrise TF2sml
Dawn over Hobart.


Hobart Sunrise TF
Hobart sunrise


kunanyi from the Waterworks.



Eye in the sky …

We’ve been researching, and evaluating  “drones” or UAV’s  for quite some time which can offer a suitable platform for scenic aerial photography and a possible step to getting a Remote Pilot Certificate for commercial work.

We dismissed helicopters as a serious platform years ago as they’re expensive and fragile. It wasn’t until the development of quad-copters that we started to seriously consider our options.

The DJI Phantom V2+ was the first UAV that came close to suiting our needs and budget.  The Walkera Tali H500 was released in mid 2014 and we’ve been watching it’s development with much interest. Now the Walkera Scout X4 has just become available on the market (October 2014).

Tone had no intention to purchase a big drone until early 2015 when there would be more user reviews and settling in on the very new Scout, … but despite my better judgement, his finger slipped on the BUY NOW button and it’s on it’s way … woops

He was impressed by the previews posted by Matt & Bo – and is hoping it can only get better!

The fact it’s smaller (for carrying while bushwalking) and seems to have better build quality than the Tali while having more features than the Phantom (Michael just bought one – so we can make a fair comparison) as well as it’s suggested upgradability was Tone’s main reason for the purchase.

Here’s some footage from a much cheaper little “practice” drone – the Hubsan X4 H107D with FPV we each bought recently (a great way to learn). Tone’s getting in lots of practice – crashing!

Tone – It’s been a wee bit windy but no damage done. I’m learning lots about it’s behaviour under different conditions and what NOT to do which will make me a better pilot and more restrained when things get serious – and expensive.

After a much bigger learning curve, the Scout should be easier to fly with GPS stabilisation – I expect I’ll be reading the manual for WEEKS!!  I intend to be much more sensible – with much more to lose – I’ll let you know how I get on here

I’ll try to be honest and not justify my purchase by just heaping undue praise on it – unless it’s deserved – or bag it out when things are my fault. It’s sometimes difficult to sort through the bullshyte, wingers and trolls while researching

As well as using YouTube for much of our research, Tone has found http://www.rcgroups.com/forums very helpful and signed up on a few Facebook groups too for actual user reviews.

The Scout or the Phantom might not suit you, so don’t take our word for it, do your own research and judge for yourself, it’s half the fun – but he can’t deny we’re excited. 😀