TasView is based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

This site is currently non-commercial hobbist orientated. We have not received and do not currently seek commercial gain or payment for our aerial persuits, however, all material on this site is copyrighted by us and permission must be requested before any and all use.

Site Administrators and UAV operators:
Tone (edgetas.com), who has a passion for photography design and technology.
Michael, who is a licenced pilot with many hours experience flying Cesna’s and taking passengers on scenic flights. (now a retired pilot, due to chronic health issues from a long term and worsening illness).

We share a vision to offer professional video and still aerial photography services in the near future and are working towards obtaining our UAV Operators Certificate.
We should be able to offer a commercial services in mid-late 2015, we are currently waiting for CASA to make a decision on the final rule changes for commercial use of UAV’s before proceeding. In the mean time we are testing and fine tuning our machines, building up our flight hours and honing our skills.

If your interested in aerial photography and UAV’s, on this site we share what we’ve learnt to hopefully make your experience better. Much of the information here is based on our own experiences or gathered from scattered sources around the internet that we’ve found and compiled in one place for easier reference. A big thank you to all who have provided tips and advice. We are in no way affiliated with DJI or Walkera, the opinions expressed here are our own based on our REAL and independent user experience. While we may unintentionally hold some bias towards our own craft, we’ll endevour to be as honest as we can so that YOU can make informed decisions based on FACT and not justification for our choices.

Unfortunately though, sometimes we can be wrong or you may disagree with us or have a better method – please share and provide us with feedback so that we can improve this site for everyone.

Please contact us for enquiries or suggestions.

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